The Department of Strategic Development



In accordance with the decision of the Academic Council from 26.12.2018 (protocol No. 5) vice-rector of Strategic Development and InternationalizationT. Raimberdiyev together with the vice-rector of Scientific Work and InnovationM. Satayevwas instructed to carry out monitoring of scientific researches of young scientists of the University.In this connection, was made "Schedule of monitoring of scientific researches of young scientists of South Kazakhstan State University named M. Auezov", approved by the first vice-rector K.Nurmanbetov and agreed by the vice-rector of Research and Innovation, vice-rector of Strategic Development and Internationalization T. Raimberdiyev.

Seminars are held in accordance with the schedule from 18.03.2019 to 19.06.2019. The staff of the Department of Strategic Development and Quality Management are drawn up the protocols of the seminars.

The results of the monitoring will be taken into account during the competition for vacant posts of professorial teaching staff.



Quality Management and Monitoring Department

  1. In 2018, our university conducted a survey “Satisfaction with the activities of structural units of M. Auezov SKSU” in order to determine the quality of services of structural units. The results of these surveys will be reviewed by the Rector's Board in October 2018.
  2. The Law about  Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, article 43, clause 4, sub-clause 19, 2007 on December 29, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan according tothe resolution № 14 of“civil servants, employees of state-owned enterprises,financed by the wage system budget” guided by clause 3 of sub-clause 6, in order to optimize the system of motivation of teaching staff, a meeting of the commission was held on September 19, 2018. At the end of the 2017-2018 academic year, the university adopted an order to impose additional salaries to the teaching staff. By the 2018-2019 school year, 653 teachers paid an extra salary.
  3. In this academic year, a new draft is being developed for evaluating the performance of teaching staff based on the QMS SKPU PR 8.05-2014 procedure, rating assessment of teaching staff, departments, faculties and employees.
  4. In accordance with the requirements of ST RK 9001-2016 “Quality Management System.The Requirements of academic year in the 2018-2019, those responsible for the processes are developing a“ List of risks ”for each QMS process.

Improve the qualification of teachers and employees

In order to improve the qualification of teachers and employees of the University in the period from 16.06-20.06.2014, Department training of the teaching staff of the Centre of monitoring and quality management were held seminars on the following important topics:

  • Implementation of the Bologna process parameters of the Southern Kazakhstan state University.
  • Organization of current and interim certification of students. Using new forms in creating tests in the educational process.
  • Document management of the quality management System of the South-Kazakhstan state University.
  • The Rating of activity of the teaching staff, departments and faculties. Assessment of consumer satisfaction with quality of education process.
  • About the strategic development of the University.


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