The Department of Strategic Development

Ratings Department

The Ratings Department of South Kazakhstan University was established in 2011.

The mission of the department is to promote the university in the world and national rankings in order to increase the competitiveness of  M.Auezov SKU.

Functions and tasks of the Department:

  • Plan and carry out work according to the requirements of rating agencies that rank higher education institutions;
  • Coordinate and collect materials on the educational, research and international work of the University;
  • Process statistical material about the university's activities and submit it to rating agencies;
  • Prepare information materials for the structural divisions of the university and the mass media on the image assessment of the university;
  • Prepare analytical materials for the structural units of the university to improve positions in national and international rankings;
  • To make and coordinate proposals to strengthen the competitive position of the University in the educational services market;
  • Inform the management of the university and structural units about the university's positions in international and national rankings of higher education institutions;
  • Search for information about international rating agencies, centers and organizations;
  • Have information about the criteria set by rating agencies.

Head of Ratings Department

Esjanova Gulnar
Address: Tauke Khan Avenue 5
Main building, 253-office
Phone: 8 (7252) 21-16-97