Department of Strategic Development and Quality Management

Department of Strategic Planning and Development

Department of Strategic Planning and Development The main functions of the Department of Strategic Planning and Development:

  • Development of a strategic plan of the university;
  • Analysis of realization of the goals, objectives, indicators and targets of the strategic plan of the university by all structural units of the university;
  • coordination of the departments work in preparing documents for the licensing of specialties;
  • analysis of the quality of educational programs;
  • analysis of educational programs of leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other foreign countries and make suggestions to top management to improve the quality of the educational programs;
  • organization of the work of HEI internal control of education quality in the faculties and departments.

Head of the Department of Strategic Planning and Development: Omashova Gaukhar Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Associate professor Телефон: +7 (7252) 30-11-29 E-mail:    She has graduated from the special department of the physical faculty of the Kazakh State university named after S.M. Kirov in 1986. She has qualification: physicist, a teacher of physics with right of the teaching on English.    She has graduated postgraduate course of the Moscow State university named after M.V. Lomonosov in Moscow.    In November 1992 she has successfully defended a thesis on the theme: "Interaction of metals titanium, niobium, zirconium and vanadium and their mutual diffusion" in TSNIICHERMET(Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metals) named after I.P. Bardin and in January 1993 she was awarded the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences on specialty “Solid-state physics”.    From 1993 to present time she has worked on different positions at Kazakh chemical-technological institute, further at M.Auezov South-Kazakhstan State university. She has experience in the implementation of quality management systems in organizations, strategic management.    She is an expert in quality assurance systems of the Central Asian Network for Quality Assurance and Accreditation CANQA. She combines work with teaching, teaches physics course in English for students studying for undergraduate education.

Department staff: specialists of high qualification